Bearing hub for WORTHINGTON Pumps


AG 43305

Product type

Bearing hub


Non-OEM bearing hub for WORTHINGTON Centrifugal Pumps, produced in G250 cast iron, weighing 15 kg., it is used in the chemical industry for the transfer and recirculation of supercritical fluids.

Aplication sectors

Chemical Industry

Manufacturing process

The Bearing Hub for WORTHINGTON Centrifugal Pumps was scanned with a laser directly at the chemical production plant, then in about a week the STL processing file was processed with a 3D manipulation program that allowed us to obtain all the useful measures to reproduce the piece as per the original sample, thanks also to a further check of measures, tolerances and clearances by the maintenance manager.

After defining all the measures, a furan sand equipment directly from 3D printing was used to produce the foundry blank, subsequently the cast blank was deburred, treated and sandblasted with a preparation time from the dimensional detection of 15 / 30 days before moving on to a final processing phase on machine tool, finally it was delivered to the customer packed in 45 days.

Technical draw