Reverse engineering

High-quality products within short time

Redesign models and replicate mechanical parts

Reverse Engineering represents an essential tool to recreate and redesign spare parts of machines that are no longer available in the market or to replicate unique products. RE is a fundamental support to reduce design time and achieve high-quality products.

Fields of application

GAI Srl has introduced Reverse Engineering service for:

  • Reconstruction of a wide range of any size and shape spare parts and mechanical components obtainable through melting and 3D molds
  • Models design and “mould-set” for 3D printing
  • Prototypes management
  • Dimensional control of mechanical components and equipment – the same hardware and software tools allow to analyze surfaces of mechanical components, to compare them with those of the original CAD model and to create a three-dimensional modelling capable of highlighting the dimensional variances due to the production process.

140,000 points per second

We support our customers on Faro 3D Laser Scanner machine that is our property and is capable of capturing up to 140,000 points per second.