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GAI S.r.l. is a company active in the mechanical construction sector for over 60 years.

Initially it operates as a specialized workshop for the mechanical processing of spare parts for centrifugal pumps intended exclusively for leading Italian manufacturers, later thanks to decades of experience and continuous research in technological innovation,
GAI S.r.l. can rely on the use of procedures, skills and organizational schemes comparable to those of the largest industrial groups,
offering a high quality service in the precision machining sector for the production of mechanical spare parts for complex production plants.

The best partner in precision machining for the production of spare parts for industrial production plants.

We work closely with the technical managers of the production plants to minimize the delivery times of orders.

We combine the search for technological innovation with decades of experience in precision mechanical processing of industrial spare parts.

“No limits to shapes and sizes”

The “Reverse Engineering” technology allows to design and manufacture spare parts for industrial machines with precision and a good value for money.

Reverse Engineering technology

Thanks to the innovative Reverse Engineering process, based on the reverse construction technology of an object, GAI S.r.l. is able to recreate models,
replicate or redesign spare parts, artifacts and products unique in the world, for the most varied needs. Reverse Engineering allows to optimize the entire production process, obtaining a finished product of high quality, to minimize processing times and costs, offering a very competitive advantage in the management and maintenance of industrial machines. The reconstruction of an object in 3D, through Reverse Engineering, lends itself to a very wide and varied field of applications;
some of the main sectors in which it is used are: industrial, mechanical, aeronautical, aerospace and automotive.

“Securoil oilers”

Constant level oilers, simple, adjustable and very resistant, which allow you to automatically maintain a constant level of oil in industrial machinery.

Constant level oilers

GAI S.r.l. is the creator and manufacturer of a line of adjustable industrial oilers, capable of automatically maintaining a constant level of oil in industrial machinery; an important condition, in order to ensure adequate and continuous lubrication of all the gears of industrial plants that are subjected to an intense production cycle. The main advantage of a Securoil constant level oiler is represented by the considerable savings in oil and time that can be obtained during the use of industrial machinery.

Securoil is an Italian product, the constant level adjustable oiler made by GAI S.r.l., an Italian company that has been supplying the leading manufacturers of made in Italy pumps for over 40 years.

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