We meet the requirements of modern manufacturing facilities  

Searching for innovation and expertise

The philosophy of the company GAI combines constant search for technological innovation and decades-long expertise in precision mechanical processing of complex spare parts for industrial production plants. Mechanical spare parts represent the focus of our production commitment.

Along with them we have developed a series of services, certifications and warranties to meet the highest requirements of reliability and operation performance.

Reproducing any type of mechanical part

We have always followed the process evolution by introducing “Reverse Engineering” technologies based on 3D scanning technology to detect complex mechanical parts, even directly on the customer’s production site. We have consolidated and developed the processing of raw materials thanks to strategic agreements with major suppliers of certified materials and mechanical processing in compliance with modern standards.

Today our customers can rely on the possibility of reproducing  any type of mechanical spare parts – even those that are no longer procurable in the market – at highly competitive prices, always counting on maximum collaboration with our team.