How we work

Services guaranteed by advanced technological solutions

We build trust with customers

GAI Costruzioni Meccaniche involves technical managers responsible for the production sites from the beginning to optimize order fulfillment and reduce delivery times as well as errors. Building a mutual trusting relationship becomes crucial to consolidate the relation between customer and supplier based on values such as communication, collaboration, and quality assurance.

Advantages of a partner specialized in mechanical spare parts

GAI Costruzioni Meccaniche’s main focus is small-series production, favoring quality over quantity and stimulating the acquisition of knowledge of components produced and their function in operation. The company adopts the latest technological solutions for the materials used and their thermochemical treatments to achieve major wear- and corrosion resistance. Decades of experience, high manufacturing competence and a focus on technological advances in the fields of materials and production processes allow us to offer an excellent quality-price ratio.

GAI Costruzioni Meccaniche supports its customers in the replacement process of spare parts for industrial plants thanks to its specialization in the manufacture of highly complex and strategic mechanical spare parts.

We provide timely interventions even for spare parts that are out of production or no longer available in the market, supporting customers to keep work equipment in good working order that will otherwise be ceased.

The flexible company organization enables us to guarantee affordable products without penalizing their quality, granting interchangeability and service fulfillment. Continued efforts in the rationalization of production and raw-material procurement allow us to increasingly improve delivery times.