SV2-200 Constant level oiler

Constant level oiler equipped with removable pyrex glass
tank fixed to the bottom with galvanized ring nut and aluminum protection with windows for visibility.


  • Bell-shaped tank
  • Fixing ring
  • Window protection
  • Case back with fixing and adjustment screw
  • Square support with threaded connections
  • Bottom hole cap


  • Removable tank in pyrex glass 200 cc
  • Aluminum protection with windows for visibility
  • M5X10 DIN 653 steel fixing screw
  • Fixing bottom and calibration screw in aluminum alloy
  • Threaded ring in galvanized steel
  • Aluminum threaded ¼ NPT bottom bleed hole plug
  • Conical lower oil drain hole for bleeding
  • Steel bracket with A and B threaded connections at ¼ NPT
  • Designed in two pieces for easy assembly and disassembly by means of threaded ring nut and caseback
  • No welding or brazing

How to use

  • Can be used with permissible high temperatures up to 150 ° C with oil or liquid with solvents
  • Oil level always visible and easy to top up
  • Good impact resistance
  • Removable and easily replaceable components


  • Nitrile rubber or translucent silicone gaskets between the bell and the bottom
  • Nitrile rubber or silicone gaskets between the bell and the guard
  • Available tube (NIPPLE) for male connection
  • Also available in the glass dome only version without the aluminum protection