Impeller for not OEM turo TV 81-80

Girante aperta per Worthington



Product type

7-blade open impeller for TURO TV 81-80 interchangeable centrifugal pump


Open impeller 7 blades for interchangeable centrifugal pump TURO TV 81-80, manufactured
in white cast iron material with a high chromium content that improves its elasticity and wear resistance characteristics, used in pumping systems for heavy-duty applications in the steel industry.

Aplication sectors

Steel Industry

Manufacturing process

The TURO TV 81-80 Centrifugal Pump Impeller was scanned with a laser directly at the production plant, then in about a week the STL processing file was processed with a 3D manipulation program that allowed us to obtain all the useful measures to reproduce the impeller as per the original sample, thanks also to a further check of measures, tolerances and clearances by the maintenance manager.

Technical draw

Girante aperta per Pompa Centrifuga