Series of Bushings for VOITH Defibrators

Serie di Boccole in 2 metà


AG 42523

Product type

Non OEM bushings for VOITH Defibrators in special Al bronze.


Series of split bushings for non-OEM VOITH crushers, produced in Al special bronze, an alloy that guarantees a low coefficient of friction for high speeds and reduced loads.

Aplication Sectors

Paper Industry

Manufacturing process

In some paper mills, this type of conical bush is used in the assembly of VOITH grinding wheels, used for the transformation of raw debarked wood into the first pulp. We were contacted to carry out a feasibility study for the reconstruction of this piece starting from a bush sample for VOITH defibrators.

Among the problems highlighted, difficulties in finding original pieces on the market, high procurement costs, very long delivery times, lack of indications on practical manufacturing methods. In this case, we scanned the most important parts of the assembly, in particular the bushings or the parts to be rebuilt, the shaft and the flanges needed to tighten the grinding wheel, as can be seen in the technical drawing. We reconstructed the three mechanical parts identified in 3D, and carried out a simulation of the assemblies, in particular we verified that the thread profiles of the bushings and shaft worked correctly and that the taper of the flanges and bushings respected the same inclination.

The material was analysed and once the correct alloy was identified, we moved on to the reconstruction of the two bushings with right and left thread.

Technical draw

Serie di Boccole in 2 metà per sfibratori Voith non OMG