Securoil oilers “made in Italy”

Simple, sturdy, adjustable

Our constant level oiler automatically maintains a constant level of oil  in a sump for bearing housing or other equipment requiring proper lubrication. If the quantity of oil in the lubrication area tends to drop, the oiler restores the level thanks to the capacity of its reservoir. This is a stable condition as long as the oiler reservoir contains oil.

Securoil can be used on gear boxes, motors, compressors, centrifugal pumps, fans and blowers.

  • Large surge chamber
  • Side and bottom connections
  • With guards for protection of one-piece glass reservoir
  • Oil level adjuster.

Advantages of Securoil

  • Oil and time saving
  • Always visible oil reserve and large-sized reservoir
  • Filling or adding while machine is working
  • Maximum cleanliness, minimum maintenance
  • Rapid and accurate calibration by vertically shifting chamber or clamping through adjusting screw.


Reservoir in Makrolon® (polycarbonate) fixed…


Reservoir in Makrolon® (polycarbonate) mechanically…


Glass reservoir fixed with threaded…


Glass reservoir fixed with threaded…


Glass reservoir fixed with threaded…